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Age of Darkness: Final Stand reveals Rebellion’s Rise


Jan 3, 2023

The latest content update to PlaySide Studios’ dark fantasy survival RTS introduces the game’s first long-range Hero, with additional units for each of the factions fighting back against the Nightmares.

Thursday, 15th December 2022 – Team17 and PlaySide Studios have launched Rebellion’s Rise, the latest update for dark fantasy survival real-time strategy game, Age of Darkness: Final Stand. The update introduces the early access title’s first long-range Hero, Cyrus, a noble-turned-rebel, who can inflict ranged attacks with his bow and – as his experience on the battlefield develops – slow the progress of the Nightmare horde with explosive caltrops.

Rebellion’s Rise also introduces new units for each of the game’s three factions: The harbinger, a slow-moving ranged support unit for The Volatists; the fast-moving, high attack speed rogue for The Rebellion; and the lightbearer, a multi-purpose unit for The Order that can scout, fight, or heal allies, with the added benefit of exploring through The Veil – the game’s fog of war – without consequence.

Once a nobleman, now a rebel with a cause

As Cyrus gains experience and levels up in his fight against the Nightmares, additional abilities are unlocked, including:

  • Splintering shot (Level 2) A passive ability that creates a conical area of effect behind the point of impact
  • Snipe (Level 3) Causes high damage to the first target hit; each enemy hit also has a chance of triggering a Splintering Shot
  • Caltrops (Level 4) Spawns between 25 and 50 small but explosive caltrops that have a slowing effect and area of effect damage, as well potentially trigger other caltrops to explode
  • Violent Volley (Level 6) A volley of arrows that will detonate any caltrops they overlap with, as well as having a 30% chance to trigger Splintering Shot and increased attack speed for Cyrus

Currently in Steam Early Access, Age of Darkness: Final Stand features proprietary SwarmTech technology allowing over 70,000 enemies – the Nightmares – to be rendered on screen simultaneously, as they try to overcome player’s attempts to defend humanity’s last vestiges of hope.

Further information on the Rebellion’s Rise update is available. To keep up to date with all the information on Age of Darkness: Final Stand, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord.

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