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December 1, 2022 | Kakao Games and XLGAMES are excited to announce the opening of a new ArcheAge Fresh Start server. This server will go live on December 15, 2022, giving players an opportunity to experience the MMO anew, in a world that hasn’t already been populated by ArcheAge players.

The Fresh Start server launch kicks off with a series of celebration events, offering their own special in-game rewards, including an Ally’s Wing selection box (awarded when creating a new character on the server), and the exclusive “Striker” Battle Pet.

Battle Pet “Striker”

Anyone who enters the new Fresh Start server can participate in global challenges set by XLGAMES. During the first 100 hours of the server going live, the average gear score of the top 20 players shall determine which country triumphs. Each new server player based in the winning country will receive event rewards, and the top 20 players will also be awarded a large credit payout. This event will take place in Korea, Asia, North America and EU servers. 

A PvP event will also pit countries against each other. The faction with the most wins on the “Golden Plains Battle” instance will earn the “Jake’s Blessing” buff for countries within their region. Meanwhile, all participating players in both events will receive an in-game reward for their efforts. 

In addition, Kakao Games will be hosting a Twitch Drops Event, gifting those who tune in with exciting in-game items. Rewards range from Angel Wing Elixirs to adorable BFF Plushie Crates, depending on how long you watch for. 

Furthermore, to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the transfer of service, Kakao games are holding a number of events. This includes ‘Puzzle King Jigsoo’s Invitation’ in which players must exercise their intellect and wit to solve a series of puzzles, and ultimately prevail as the final survivor. Rewards for participating in the  1st anniversary celebrations are in abundance, making it a great opportunity to claim valuable items like the ‘Bound Serendipity Stone’ and ‘Radiant Hiram Infusion’.

More information on event details and rewards can be found via the official ArcheAge promotional page.

XLGAMES have demonstrated they are listening to player feedback, especially in regards to ArcheAge, improving player progression, and helping them reach its rewarding endgame and PvP content much faster. 

For more information on ArcheAge, please visit the official site. You can also follow ArcheAge on DiscordTwitter, and Instagram

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