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Brian James Trailers reveals its most advanced trailer ever


Feb 10, 2024 #Brian James
  • Brian James Trailers reveals new advanced lightweight enclosed trailer, the Race Transporter 7 (RT7).
  • Up to 200kg lighter than an equivalent RT6.
  • Meets demand for lighter trailer products to transport heavy EVs and luxury SUVs.
  • Industry-first electric actuator with wireless remote that operates the rear door.
  • Global debut at Autosport International Show at the NEC, 11th to 14th Jan 2024.

Brian James Trailers (BJT), the renowned trailer manufacturer, has revealed its new lightweight enclosed trailer. The Race Transporter 7 (RT7) is approximately 200kg lighter than the equivalent-sized Race Transporter 6 (RT6), providing a higher load capacity to carry heavy vehicles.

The weight limit for towing in the UK is 3.5 tonnes (3500 kg), including the trailer. Cars are getting larger and heavier, especially EVs, yet there is no sign of the towing liming being increased. The only solution is to manufacture lighter trailers, which BJT has done with the RT7. BJT believes the RT7 is the future of the high-end vehicle logistics industry. 

It’s available in black or white bodywork and tri-axle or twin-axle models. Extra height versions of each model are available as an optional upgrade, too; a feature facilitated by the lower unladen weight of the design. Prices start from £25,500 plus VAT, and the largest models with all options selected are close to £40,000. This model thus creates a new category of super-premium enclosed car transporter trailer sitting above the previous range-topping Race Transporter 6 (RT6) in the BJT range, which will still be sold alongside the RT7.

Lewis James, CEO of BJT, said, “With exceptional specification and a lighter, stronger, smarter design, the RT7 takes enclosed car transport to a new level. Whether for supercar exotics, motorsport, classics or vehicle logistics, the RT7 is the ultimate choice.”

Advanced technology 
The RT7 boasts cutting-edge technology, including an industry-first electric actuator with a wireless remote that operates the rear door and tilt bed, and removes the need for manual handling.

The trailer has bright, modern LED lighting, including the rear, front and side, and side-mounted reversing lights. Automatic rear loading lights come on when the back door opens. The standard specification includes all this, plus full-length interior strip lighting. The interior lighting can be switched to be powered from the onboard 12V battery or the tow vehicle.

The onboard battery powers the rear door actuator, the electric tilt-bed actuator, the electric winch and the interior lighting. All of which is standard equipment. The battery comes with a charger, Bluetooth connectivity to view the current charge from your phone and a visible LED indicator to ensure that battery charge levels are always known.

The electric tilting bed is controlled by an actuator at the front, meaning that the bed can be tilted with no manual pumping or fiddly catches and provides the trailer with an extremely low ground clearance. Additional assistor ramp options are also available to cater for ultra-low exotic vehicles and racing cars.

A new electric winch with synthetic rope and wireless operation is lighter and less damaging to hands and bodywork than traditional steel wire. The winch can also be upgraded to a 9,500lb version as a factory-fit upgrade.

Clean, contemporary design 
The RT7 has a contemporary and premium design inside and out, with flush-fitting, body-coloured aluminium side door trims that significantly improve both form and function on the old-fashioned plastic and rubber door trims that are the industry norm. The result is a much cleaner look along the side profile than any other trailer on the market.

Much effort has also gone into the front and rear styling to give it an understated, stylish and premium feel. The modern luxury car and premium motorhome sectors inspired what a high-end product of this type should communicate through its design.

The RT7 composite bodywork is the latest development from a longstanding partnership between BJT and GRP specialists Quantum Mouldings – the same company that led the composite bodywork production development for the Ultima RS sports car. The RT7 utilises knowledge shared with the development and production of the Ultima RS and is hand finished by the same specialist craftspeople.  Working with specialist automotive-standard suppliers is an example of BJT’s unique commitment to progressive product development and quality.

New composite flooring is standard on the RT7 – it’s much lighter and stronger than a traditional deck-board and provides more grip. It’s also much more expensive, which is why deck-board has become the industry norm. It’s another area where the RT7 has lifted the standard to the next level. The flooring also creates a professional look inside the trailer.

A spare wheel cover and diamond-cut anthracite alloy wheels are included as standard, an industry first.

Increased capacity 
The RT7 is now available as a twin axle in both bed lengths (5.5m and 6.0m) and bed widths (2.1m and 2.3m) for a lighter option with higher load capacity.

The RT7 is set to become the top choice for businesses and individuals looking for a high-specification, advanced trailer that is reliable, efficient, packed with technology and smart design features and can transport the vehicles of the next generation. Its global debut is at the Autosport International Show at the NEC from the 11th to the 14th January.

The most advanced enclosed trailer from BJT is now available for pre-order with prices starting from £25,550 plus VAT. Customers should head to www.bjtin.fo/RT7 for further information.

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