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Half of Brits think pineapple on pizza is completely acceptable

We know that Brits love nothing more than having a debate with each other, especially when it comes to what is and isn’t an acceptable pizza topping, with two-thirds admitting pineapple is a conventional pizza topping.

The research, conducted by Paddy Power Games, quizzed Brits on some of the biggest food debate topics, including the hot topic that has been raging pizza lovers up and down the country for years, found 63% were in favour of having the zesty fruit on their pizza.

And it’s those aged 45-54 who are most accepting of the pineapple on pizza, with 71% in demand of the fruity topping.

At the other end of the table, Brits aged 18-24 are against having the fruit in question on their pizzas, as more than half the population (52%) in that age bracket, admitting that it’s not acceptable.

Ages of those in favour of pineapple on pizza:


Rank Age range Proportion of Brits in favour of pineapple on pizza
1 45-54 71%
2 55+ 67%
3 35-44 65%
4 25-34 54%
5 18-24 48%

The survey also asked Brits about what they put in their bowl first when eating cereal, with 4,000,000* Brits confessing to pouring milk in their bowls first.

Those in Birmingham are guilty of this the most, finding 15% of people pour milk into their bowls first. This is closely followed by residents in London (12%), with those in Brighton & Hove (11%) completing the top three.

Most surprisingly, the survey found 6% of Welsh residents have never had cereal in their entire lives.

Top five UK cities who pour milk first before cereal in a bowl: 

Rank City Proportion of Brits who pour milk first before cereal
1 Birmingham 15%
2 London 12%
3 Brighton & Hove 11%
4 Bristol 10%
5 Cambridge 9%

A spokesperson for Paddy Power Games said: “Brits love arguing over nothing, and we thought we’d stoke that fire by seeing how they feel about pineapple on pizza.

“With 63% admitting they’re partial to a fruity pizza, we want to extend our deepest apologies to the great people of Italy who will no doubt be outraged by this culinary atrocity.”