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Dec 20, 2022


Kakao Games’s ambitious mobile RPG stuns fans with the first English trailer.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — November 18, 2022 | Kakao Games and Nine Ark Inc. are pleased to reveal a new look at their upcoming free-to-play mobile RPG, Eversoul. Launching in early 2023, it has been confirmed that pre-registrations will officially open later this month, on November 29. Accompanying this exciting news, Eversoul was showcased in its first global trailer during this year’s G-Star Global Game Exhibition in Busan, South Korea.

This latest video introduces players to the wartorn setting of Eversoul. As an otherworldly savior, you will collect and battle with beautiful playable characters known as “Souls” in this story-rich RPG. From humanlikes and undead, to beasts, fairies, angels, and demons, each comes equipped with unique skills and storylines. As Eversoul’s dramatic story unfolds, you will form bonds with these collectible characters, and deepen your relationships with them.

Offering an immersive mix of tactical, squad-based combat and stunning anime-inspired visuals, Eversoul pushes the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the genre, in both gameplay and graphics. Players can customise their own elite fighting force, braving maze-like dungeons or PvP while also building their own town and experiencing Eversoul’s idle gameplay elements.

“We believe that many players around the world will like Eversoul’s animation-style graphics, unique vibe, and the worldview. Going beyond what’s expected of a character collecting game, players will feel the depth of Eversoul through its immersive features that allow you to grow attached to the characters.” stated Cheol Hui Kim, the Chief Producer of the project.

Additionally when asked about the strengths of the game, Cheol Hui Kim said,

“The keyword that Eversoul can put forward to differentiate itself from others in the subculture game scene is ‘relationship’. A lot of work went into bringing each and every ‘Soul’ to life with unique voice acting, background stories, and indigenous illustrations. Our goal is to make you feel emotionally invested when collecting these characters.

More news on the game’s upcoming release date and pre-registration campaign will be revealed soon. You can also follow Eversoul on Discord, Twitter and YouTube

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