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Oct 10, 2023 #Games

Great Games to Play for Christmas

The holiday season is the perfect time to gather with family and friends, exchange gifts, and celebrate the joyous occasion of Christmas. While dinners and exchanging presents are a significant part of the festivities, playing games is another delightful way to bring people together and create lasting memories. Here are some great games to play for Christmas that are sure to add loads of fun and laughter to your celebrations!

1. Charades: A classic that never fails to entertain, charades is a wonderful game to play with all age groups during Christmas. Write down different Christmas-themed movies, carols, or other holiday-related words and phrases on separate pieces of paper. Divide your group into teams and take turns acting out the word or phrase without speaking while your team tries to guess what it is. The team with the most correct guesses wins!

2. Christmas Trivia: Test everyone’s knowledge about Christmas with a friendly trivia competition. Prepare a list of questions related to the holiday, such as historical facts, traditions, famous songs, and movies. Divide the participants into teams and ask the questions one by one. The team with the most correct answers wins. This game not only entertains but also sparks conversations and adds to everyone’s knowledge of Christmas!

3. White Elephant Gift Exchange: This popular game is always a hit at Christmas parties. Each participant brings a wrapped gift within a specified budget. The gifts are placed in a central area, and everyone takes turns either opening a new gift or stealing an already opened gift from another person. The excitement builds as people try to end up with the most desirable present. Setting some silly rules or themes for the gifts can add an extra element of fun to this game!

Remember, the purpose of playing these games is to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s the joy of guessing a movie from a hilarious enactment or discovering fascinating trivia about Christmas, these games will surely lighten the atmosphere and keep the festive spirit alive during your Christmas celebrations! Here are a list of games that you can get for this Christmas.


Christmas Express Game, £18.29 from Amazon.

Climb aboard the Christmas Express and join this jolly journey through a winter wonderland as you race to be the first to get to the North Pole. The aim of the game is to be the first player to travel along the train track from the Home Station to the North Pole Station. You’ll have to avoid the Hustle Bustle, the Reindeer Crossings, the Snow Storms and maybe the naughty elf, but keep an eye out for Santa’s sleigh as he could help you on your way. For ages 6+.

Tension Board Game, £13 from Tesco.

The Top Ten Naming Game! A riotous race to call out possible solutions to a given subject… but only answers matching the 10 on the card will score! Fast and frustrating but fantastic fun for everyone! Great for involving different generations, this version includes cards that are appropriate for players as young as 8 years old. Can you handle the Tension? 400 topics make this a perfect thinking game for both children and adults. The unique Tension score slider makes marking down the shout-outs so easy. Sounds simple but you have to get the exact 10 on the card.

Family Quiz Night, £18.49 from Amazon.

It’s the all-inclusive quiz game that allows everyone to join in the fun! The questions in this family-friendly quiz have been carefully crafted so that both kids and adults can play on a level playing field. Each card contains a multiple-choice question for younger players and a more challenging question for adults. Features an awesome range of fun questions covering eight popular topics and can be played individually or as kids vs adults in teams.Suits Ages 8+.

Top It, £26.99 from Amazon

In this edge-of-your-seat party game you race to place your cones on letter discs whilst calling out examples to teasing topics. But beware, any other player can Top It with another answer and place their cone on top of yours! Only the last cone counts and bags all the points! AGE 10+


These are just a few. We will come back with another list of games that you can purchase for this festivities events.



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