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It’s no joke! Edinburgh homeowners rake in nearly £13K during Fringe Festival


Jul 25, 2023 #Your Parking Space
  • Homeowners made almost £13,000 during the Fringe Festival last year by renting out their driveway and parking spaces to motorists looking for somewhere to park
  • Top earners can expect to make over £1,000 during the month-long festival
  • With the introduction of tougher on-street parking rules by the local Edinburgh council, more driveways can set themselves up for a bumper summer income boost this year 

Homeowners in Edinburgh hit the jackpot last year during the full return of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, pocketing a combined total of over £13,000 simply by offering their driveways as parking spaces for festival-goers. 

According to data compiled by YourParkingSpace, homeowners in Edinburgh were able to cash in on the increased parking demand and support those struggling to find parking throughout the festival, with the top earner raking in a whopping £1,173.08 during the event. 

The news comes amid Edinburgh Council’s rollout of its controversial controlled parking zones (CPZ), which is aimed at helping address commuter parking, in turn making it even more difficult for festival goers to find parking near the event. 

However, savvy space owners within the city can offer a lifeline to despairing festival fans by renting out their spaces via the online parking platform, often at cheaper rates when compared to traditional parking methods in Edinburgh.

Indeed, according to the latest search on the site, pre-booking a parking spot near to the main venues for the festival can cost as little as £2.50 for the full day.

One local homeowner, Brian, who made just over £400 during the festival last year, was quick to praise the benefits of listing his space: “The extra income which came in during the festival period was great!

“I have found YourParkingSpace a very easy-to-use service. I have been pleased with the exposure they are able to give me and particularly around the summer and Edinburgh Festival times. This additional income does help in these challenging times, and especially now that the local council has removed rate exemption for car parking spaces.”

Brannan Coady, CEO of YourParkingSpace, emphasised the benefits of renting out driveways during high-demand events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Coady stated, “This success story of Edinburgh homeowners showcases the incredible earning potential of renting out driveways during popular events. 

“Not only does this support Edinburgh residents in many ways, but it also makes life easier for festival goers as well. They can just park up and then head out on their way with no hassle!”

To find out how you can register your spare parking space and start earning money during the festival, visit www.yourparkingspace.co.uk

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