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Milltek Sport adds even more excitement to the new BMW M3 Touring with enhanced road and track-focused performance exhaust systems


Apr 28, 2023
  • Milltek Sport launches new performance exhaust systems for the new BMW M3 Touring ‘G81’, further enhancing one of the most exciting new cars of 2023
  • The new systems are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK at Milltek Sport’s Advanced Manufacturing Centre, and offer customers the perfect finishing touch for BMW’s new super estate
  • Several variations available, including ECE and TUV-approved systems plus dedicated track and motorsport-focused versions
  • System comprises twin 3-inch diameter pipes made from aircraft-grade T304L stainless steel, culminating in a choice of 4.5 inch tailpipe trims
  • YouTuber Joe Achilles is one of the first customers of the system, with Milltek Sport’s official demo car also on the way

Milltek Sport has become one of the first to launch a new range of enhanced performance exhaust systems for the all-new BMW M3 Touring, adding even more excitement to one of the most anticipated cars of 2023.

Designed, developed and produced at the company’s Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Derby, UK, the new systems promise to turn BMW’s new critically acclaimed performance estate car into an even more compelling proposition, calling on Milltek Sport’s 40-year history at the forefront of performance exhaust development.

The company’s new M3 Touring exhausts build on the foundations of the factory system, enhancing sound quality, performance and aesthetics without compromising everyday usability. During a comprehensive development process, Milltek Sport’s engineering team have made subtle improvements to create a refined performance exhaust system that retains ECE and TUV approval.

Additional testing has been completed at the Milltek Sport German R&D Centre near the Nürburgring, where the standard production BMW M3 Touring set the estate car lap record last year with a time of 7m 35.06s.


Several variations are available to M3 Touring customers. It can be specified as an ECE/TUV-approved OPF/GPF-back system, Cat-back with OPF/GPF bypass or full turbocharger-back with the option of twin HJS HD high-flow sports cats that do not require ECU tuning (no Cel) or motorsport and track-focused decat downpipes.

Regardless of which version customers choose, each system features twin 3-inch pipework constructed from aircraft-quality T304L stainless steel.

The exhaust valves are also cast from stainless steel and are designed specifically for high temperature applications. They can work with either the factory OE valve control functionality or the plug-and-play Milltek Sport valve control system, bypassing the rear silencer when opened and unlocking the best possible sound for the engine.

Completing the system are a choice of five 5 GT-115, 4.5-inch tips, which can be ordered in Polished Stainless, Cerakote Black, Brushed Titanium, Burnt/Blue Titanium or Carbon Fibre.

“BMW’s M division has been synonymous with Milltek Sport throughout our 40-year history,” says Steve Pound, Managing Director at Milltek Sport. “We’ve developed exhaust systems for some of the most iconic performance BMWs of all time, but the launch of the first ever M3 Touring is a huge moment for us. We’re proud to be one of the first to offer a premium performance exhaust for a car we believe is already a future classic.”

Joe Achilles, a renowned YouTuber who specialises in BMW-focused content, is among the first to install the new Milltek Sport system. On his first impressions of the latest Milltek Sport system, he explained: “I’ve been running a Milltek Sport system on my G80 M3 since May 2020, and based on that, I have decided to go with the OPF/GPF Particulate Filter-back system on my new G81 M3 Touring. In the short time I’ve had it fitted, it’s provided a better sound when the valves are open, whilst retaining much of the stock exhaust’s pleasantries with valves closed. Aesthetically it looks miles better too, removing the ugly OEM back box and giving you a choice of tips, I’ve gone with the brushed titanium.”

As the latest model to receive the Milltek Sport treatment, the new M3 Touring joins its existing popular range of premium exhausts designed for BMW’s G series cars – including the G80 M3, G82 M3/M4 and G42 M240i.

The Milltek Classic range has also recently been updated and now not only includes the E30 M3 and E34 M5, but also more modern classics from BMW’s M division. The company plans to extend this further, with more vehicles currently being secured for development work.

All Milltek Sport systems are designed for optimum durability, performance, driving dynamics and aesthetics – constructed from highly durable and anti-magnetic T304L ‘aircraft grade’ stainless steel which is less susceptible to discoloration. Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow, with an increased bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque.

Those wishing to enquire about Milltek Sport’s leading range of premium exhaust systems are invited to contact their nearest stockist today – found at: https://www.millteksport.com/dealers/

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