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One-third of Brits are late for work


Sep 25, 2023

A study* has highlighted that nearly one-third of Brits were left running late for work over the last six months due to not being able to find a place to park their car.

The research of 1,000 motorists also revealed that out of 30 per cent who were late to work as a result of not being able to find a parking space at their office, a staggering 24 per cent were late by between 11-20 minutes every day.

Indeed, it is estimated that UK businesses could lose an average of £996 each year** for every member of staff that is late by 15 minutes a day because of poor office parking.

Brannan Coady, CEO of YourParkingSpace who commissioned the research, commented: “People drive to work because it is quicker, more convenient, cheaper, and safer. But some people are put off doing so simply because of the worry of not finding a space when they get to their destination – or, like 1 in 3 people who haven’t reserved their space in advance, have wasted time circling the block trying to find an opening.

“Offices and councils must ensure that the parking provision they provide their local workforces are able to cope with the number of drivers if they’re truly looking at ways to encourage people back into urban areas and help reinvigorate our struggling town centres.

“With the age of hybrid working truly among us, commuters don’t always need a space every day of the week. So having the flexibility to book only what you need and allowing others to book when you don’t will not only give drivers certainty and prevent lost time but save them money as well as freeing spaces up for other drivers. A win-win all round.”

To aid workers looking to get into the office, YourParkingSpace is launching a new monthly subscription service designed specifically for commuters, which will allow motorists to book spaces for any three or five days a week at a much cheaper rate, only paying for the days they actually need, and allowing the space to be freed up for other drivers on the days they don’t. The option to book all seven days, should someone want complete coverage is still a possibility.

With over 700,000 spaces registered on its site, YourParkingSpace had previously offered a monthly booking subscription service, which generally featured cheaper rates for the customer, and saw many regular commuters use the site to reserve a space near their work.

However, the popular online parking portal’s upcoming booking system will allow for even further flexibility, and savings, especially for those who don’t need a space every day of the working week.

“Our latest system is designed for the modern-day office worker, who can now reserve a space for a set number of days that mirrors their own working patterns. The flexibility benefits both renters and those wishing to list their free spaces during the week.”

To find out how you can rent out a parking space near your work, or learn more about YourParkingSpace, visit its website, here.

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