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Pre-condition your mindset to stay cool this heatwave

  • Keep cool with pre-conditioning: Renault’s electric cars and vans can ensure drivers are kept cool in the heatwave
  • Available as standard on the E-Tech 100% electrified car and van range, Renault drivers can pre-condition in as little as three taps via the MyRenault smartphone app

With temperatures set to reach 33 degrees in the UK* in the coming days, Renault is urging drivers to pre-condition their mindset to cooling down their electric vehicle (EV) before they set off on their journeys.

Available as standard across the 100% electric range, including the new Megane E-Tech 100% electric, Zoe E-Tech 100% electric, plus the Renault PRO+ Kangoo 100% electric and Master E-Tech 100% electric, the preconditioning function works hand-in-hand with the stand-alone MyRenault smartphone app, allowing drivers to set their car’s air-conditioning to cool the car down at pre-selected times and temperatures before driving away.

Preconditioning, which can cool or heat a car before each journey to avoid jumping into a hot or cold car, is standard across many EVs, although many aren’t as easy to use as the Renault versions, which excel through the easy-to-use MyRenault app. Preconditioning can be set at daily times e.g. to come on before the morning commute, or before the afternoon school-run via the MyRenault smartphone app.

With preconditioning, drivers can get the conditions of the car just-so before they’ve even opened the door. Whether in sweltering summer temperatures or sub-zero conditions in winter, preconditioning your Renault EV saves you time and ensures a pleasant journey whatever the weather. Preconditioning works most effectively when your Renault EV is switched off, plugged in, and charged to more than 45%. This makes preconditioning ideal for those who charge their cars often, whether parked at home, or at work.

The advantage of preconditioning doesn’t stop there. The efficiency of the process means it takes just half an hour to allow the temperature in the car to be set exactly how the driver likes it. Such is the convenience of preconditioning, that, rather than draining the EV’s battery, the process draws power directly from the grid, saving vital miles on range, and positions the EV to travel further longer in between charges.

Preconditioning is also beneficial to the battery’s overall health and performance. Because customers won’t need to use the air conditioning on full blast upon entering the vehicle, the predicted range will be preserved. Furthermore, preconditioning can even help to maintain the EV, extending the lifespan of the vehicle. Due to its chemical makeup, the lithium-ion battery in many EVs becomes less effective in the cold weather, meaning it will provide less energy and lose charge quicker. This issue is prevented by warming the battery to its optimum operating temperature, which has a positive long-term effect on the vehicle’s battery life and range.

The preconditioning feature comes as standard with all 100% electric Renault vehicles and is also accessible via the MyRenault smartphone app.

*Met Office Data: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/press-office/news/weather-and-climate/2023/heat-to-last-into-the-weekend-for-some

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