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Secret Santa Tips 2023: Your exclusive guide promised to deliver smiles to employee faces and not more workload for internal HR teams.


Nov 29, 2023 #Secret Santa

As the holiday season approaches, many offices engage in the tradition of Secret Santa, a seemingly innocent and fun way to spread cheer among colleagues.

However, Digital ID’s, Adam Bennett warns after search data shows over 4000 searches for ‘Can you get sacked playing secret santa’ that this festive tradition can lead to unintended consequences, turning a merry occasion into a source of discomfort or even conflict.


One of the primary risks in a Secret Santa exchange is the potential for gifts to be misinterpreted. What one person might consider a funny or thoughtful present, another might find offensive or inappropriate. This is particularly true in diverse workplaces, where cultural sensitivities vary. A gift that plays into stereotypes, even if unintentionally, can cause significant discomfort or even be seen as harassment.

Unintended Messages and Office Politics

Gifts can also inadvertently convey messages about personal relationships in the office. For instance, a more expensive or personal gift might suggest favoritism or a closer relationship, which could stir up jealousy and office politics. In contrast, a thoughtless or cheap gift might be perceived as a snub, damaging professional relationships.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

In some cases, the nature of the gift might even have legal implications. Gifts that are too personal or those that could be seen as bribes, especially in industries with strict ethical guidelines, can lead to serious professional consequences.



Best Practices for a Trouble-Free Secret Santa

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable Secret Santa experience, here are some best practices from the Photo ID experts at Digital ID:

1. Set Clear Guidelines: Establish clear rules about what is appropriate. This includes setting a budget limit to avoid disparities in gift value.

2. Cultural Sensitivity: Encourage participants to be mindful of cultural differences. What’s amusing in one culture could be offensive in another.

3. Anonymity and Voluntary Participation: Keep the gift-giver anonymous and make participation voluntary. This helps to reduce potential pressures and awkwardness.

4. Gift Suggestions: Encourage participants to follow a list of preferred gift types or categories. This can guide givers towards safe choices.

5. Focus on Fun and Thoughtfulness: Remind everyone that the spirit of Secret Santa is about fun and thoughtfulness, not extravagance or personal statements.

Adam Bennett from Digital ID says

“Secret Santa is a tradition that strengthens morale and brings a bit of festive spirit to the workplace and it’s one me and the wider team look forward to.

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