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Six reasons why it’s a good time to choose a career in a taxi in 2023


Apr 11, 2023
Taxi Driver Day Image

Six reasons why it’s a good time to choose a career in a taxi in 2023

Author: Laurence Docherty, Head of Sales at Taxi Butler

Taxi drivers take great pride in their work and always go above and beyond to provide the best service to their passengers. It’s a noble profession that requires dedication and commitment. Drivers provide a vital service that helps keep our cities moving. They are there for us during good and bad times, and we owe them great gratitude. 

With the current driver shortage and 3.4% fewer licensed drivers between 2021 and 2022 (source: gov.uk), it’s more important than ever to highlight the importance of attracting more people to become taxi or private hire drivers. On this International Taxi Driver Day, 22nd of March, let’s look at why it’s a good time to become a taxi driver, here are six reasons why.

  • The taxi industry is growing in revenue and demand

Despite the driver shortage, the UK taxi industry is growing, with a projected growth of 11.1% for 2023 compared to last year (source: IBISWorld). This is particularly encouraging for new drivers wanting to join, as the demand is there and could provide them with higher earnings.

To generate this demand, operators are investing in getting more work from even more places through taxi booking technology like Taxi Butler devices and QR bookers, which generate jobs from venues like hotels, airports, and restaurants. Fleets are also investing in better dispatch systems, allowing for more automation and control of their bookings, and better payment systems and in-car equipment for drivers.

Due to the shortage of drivers, the industry is becoming more and more appealing to drivers. One primary indicator of success is that taxi remains a trusted choice for many passengers, particularly in cities like London. Additionally, the UK government has committed to reducing emissions levels from transport, meaning taxis are becoming an increasingly important mode of clean transportation. With many new drivers joining the industry over the past few years, it’s clear that the taxi industry in the UK is as strong as ever, and it is an exciting time to become a taxi driver in the UK.

  • Better working conditions and benefits

With the shortage of drivers, private hire operators across the country are pushing recruitment campaigns to get more drivers to join their fleets, making it easier for people to start driving. Operators across the country are setting up training academies to prepare new drivers to join their fleets as well as providing ongoing support for helping new drivers with the licensing process, advanced driving courses and vehicle maintenance. Some operators in other parts of the world are even providing discounts on fuel.

Some taxi companies offer benefits, such as health insurance or flexible work hours. Addison Lee provides its employees with a comprehensive benefits package, including private medical insurance, life assurance, and access to a 24-hour employee assistance programme (source: employeebenefits). They also offer flexible work arrangements and opportunities for professional development. Gett offers its UK drivers various benefits, letting them keep 100% of their tips, no joining fee, including free training courses, fuel discounts or free charging for electric vehicles (source: Gett). Taxi companies in the UK have recognized the importance of offering their employees a comprehensive benefits package to attract and retain top talent. These benefits help increase job satisfaction and motivation, leading to improved performance and better customer service.

  • Support your local community

Becoming a taxi driver is also an opportunity to contribute to the local community while earning a living. With the ongoing shortage of drivers, especially in large metropolitan areas, many people are finding it difficult to get around, with taxi rides becoming less common at night. As a result, new drivers can make an impact and contribute to the safety of their local neighbourhood by providing a safe source of transportation.

Taxi drivers help people get to where they need to go, whether that’s their workplace, a doctor’s appointment, or a night out on the town. Taxi drivers are highly regarded members of the community, especially in smaller towns and villages, where taxi services can be a lifeline for elderly or disabled residents who might struggle with other forms of transportation.

  • The growing popularity of ride-hailing services

Ride-hailing services have introduced innovation and competition that now create even more opportunities for drivers to pick up extra fares, which can lead to increased earnings. For example, in 2023, Uber had 3.5 million active monthly riders and 45,000 monthly drivers in London alone (source: Statista). This demonstrates the increasing popularity of ride-hailing services and the potential opportunities for new drivers within the industry.

  • Technology has made life easier

Technological improvements have also made life simpler for taxi drivers. Taxi companies have incorporated QR code technology, quickly and effortlessly bringing digital and physical together. Its usage in the taxi industry has dramatically benefited drivers and passengers, supporting companies in several ways to improve engagement, sales, marketing and operations. Also, most taxi businesses are adopting new technologies like purpose-built taxi booking devices by Taxi Butler to assist in the growth of their taxi business and automate their bookings.

  • Connect and engage with people

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that becoming a taxi driver means that you can connect and engage with people across your community. Locals, tourists and regular travellers all have a story to tell, and being the listener in this scenario can certainly be rewarding. 

Taxi drivers can connect with people by sharing their knowledge of the local area. Many taxi drivers in the UK have been driving in their local communities for decades and provide valuable insights and recommendations for visitors to the area. Similarly, if a passenger is visiting London for the first time, they might suggest places to eat, attractions to visit or the quickest way to avoid traffic and provide a safe and reliable journey, building trust and creating positive experiences that keep them coming back. Some drivers make it a point to ask passengers about their day, or even share a joke or a story to break the ice.

If you are a young person looking for a career that offers both flexibility and stability, then becoming a taxi driver in the UK in 2023 may be just the job for you! With technology advancements, high demand for transportation services, and various incentives and benefits, it’s the perfect time to start your journey towards becoming a successful taxi driver. By taking advantage of existing resources and support systems, you can obtain the necessary qualifications, build your skills and knowledge, and join a thriving industry that offers endless opportunities for growth and advancement. 

By Bose