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Smash Bros-esque Brawler Flash Party Opens Pre-Registrations On Steam And Google Play


Jan 3, 2023

Featuring hot updates and cross-platform play, pre-register now for rewards at launch!

XD Games, Shanghai — December 9, 2022 | Flash Party is an epic platform fighting game with a unique art style, reminiscent of Super Smash Bros and MultiVersus. XD Games are delighted to announce that you can now pre-register via Steam and Google Play to bag extra rewards ahead of the game’s launch. 

Flash Party combines extravagant combos and wild smash brawls as you take on opponents in various arenas, featuring a diverse roster of powerful heroes and flowing fight mechanics that bring battles to life. 

Flash Party has gained huge popularity since its release, with the devs already engaging with the community; offering in-depth feedback, as well as regular updates to keep players on their toes.

Stardust Warriors

Flash Party’s eagerly-anticipated Stardust Warriors update will be available to all on January 10, 2023 — featuring a number of optimisations suggested by early players. Some community members have had access to this new content ahead of time thanks to Lab Mode, with positive feedback having already been sent to the development team. 

In this update , a new hero, Cookie & Can will join the roster as the 21st hero. Players are also getting wrapped up in the excitement of the new  PVP mode: Party Royale.

Stardust Warriors also brings distinctive Universal Mechanics and a new passive skill Colorful Sticker to Flash Party. Heroes will be divided into four categories: Assaulter, Impeder, Power House and All-rounder, with champions from each category able to access different default Universal Mechanics. This aims to both enhance gameplay for beginners and offer a richer experience.

The Sticker system will also have some new adjustments in this update. Heroes can gain passive skills through the new Colorful Stickers, which can be acquired from chests or the shop, instead of using the original Sticker replacement skills. In addition, there will be Normal Stickers improving heroes’ universal attributes. Players can flexibly change their build by combining diverse Stickers varieties.

Alongside a host of upgrades in the upcoming new version, Flash Party will also be live on Steam and Google Play on January 10, 2023, meaning players can now battle it out cross-platform.

With the launch on new platforms, Flash Party will support more players using different devices, including Apple, Google and Steam accounts. What’s more, data can be carried between platforms thanks to account cross-progression. You can also bind one of your accounts to another, ensuring that you can always sync up your in-game progress.

Pre-Reg awards!

From January 10th next year, Flash Party will officially launch on Steam and Google Play. Pre-registration is now open on these two platforms, so check outlinks here to get your pre-reg sorted: 

Flash Party has also set targets of 10,000 Steam wishlists, and 100,000 pre-registrations for Google Play. If both these targets are reached players will receive 200 coins, 2 Lumi Chest, and 2 Exclusive Emotes at launch as a thank you. 

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