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The Best Places for eGaming in North East, England in 2023


Apr 16, 2023

The North East of England is an incredible place, known for its rugged coastline, outstanding countryside, and fascinating history. However, it’s not just its natural beauty that draws visitors in droves each year. The gaming scene in the North East is also thriving, with plenty of fantastic locations to explore. From tiny arcades to massive gaming centers, the North East of England has something to offer everyone who loves gaming. Here are just a few of the best places for gaming in the region.

The first location on the list is the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) in Middlesbrough. This cutting-edge museum boasts an impressive collection of contemporary art, but it’s also home to a fantastic gaming area. Here, visitors can try their hand at some of the latest video games, from classic arcade titles to the newest virtual reality experiences. There’s also a selection of retro video games for those who like a trip down memory lane. The gaming area at MIMA is fun, relaxed, and accessible to all, making it a perfect place to visit with friends or family.

The second location in the list is the Centre for Life in Newcastle. This science museum is filled with interactive exhibits that are designed to educate and entertain. But it’s not just science on offer at the Centre for Life. The gaming area is not to be missed if you’re a gaming enthusiast. The highlight is the 4D motion ride that puts you in the middle of your favorite racing game or other adventurous games. The ride is exhilarating, with the vehicle moving and tilting to match the in-game action. The Centre for Life also offers the chance to try out some of the newest virtual reality experiences, so you can explore distant worlds without ever leaving the North East.

The third location on our list is the arcade-filled seaside resort of South Shields. This charming town has been a popular holiday destination for over a century, and it still offers plenty of entertainment for visitors. The seafront arcade is the perfect place to while away an afternoon, with classic games, skill tests, and ticket-winning competitions. Grab a bag of chips from a nearby chippy and settle down for an afternoon of carefree fun – there’s no better way to spend a sunny day in the North East.

The fourth location is the Escape Key in Newcastle. If you love escape rooms, you’ll be in your element here. The Escape Key has six different rooms to choose from, with themes ranging from a haunted house to a detective mystery. Each room is designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and take you on an adventure. You’ll need to work together as a team to solve clues and puzzles, and each room has a unique set of challenges to keep you on your toes. The Escape Key is an exciting and immersive gaming experience that’s perfect for groups of friends or work colleagues.

The fifth and final location on our list is Game on in Sunderland. This video game center is a true gamers’ paradise, with consoles, gaming chairs, and screens as far as the eye can see. You can choose from a huge variety of games, from multiplayer shooters to sports simulators. You can even bring your own games console and play with friends in a safe and friendly environment. Game on also offers regular tournaments and events, so you can really put your skills to the test against other gamers. It’s the ultimate gaming experience, and a must-visit for anyone who loves video games.

In conclusion, the North East of England has a fantastic gaming scene that’s just waiting to be explored. From museums to seaside towns, escape rooms to video game centers, the region has something for gamers of all ages and interests. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just looking for a bit of fun, you won’t be disappointed with the selection of locations on offer. So why not plan your next gaming adventure in the North East? You won’t regret it.

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