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The Forge Shopping Centre Relaunches ‘InShopz’ To Further Support Local Businesses


Aug 23, 2023
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Glasgow-based The Forge Shopping Centre has announced the relaunch of its widely popular ‘InShopz’ marketplace.

Designed to give local businesses a cost-effective space to promote and sell their goods within the shopping centre, the concept will return to its original roots on Saturday August 12.

To mark the occasion, The Forge will run a series of free events and activities alongside the launch. This includes a Comic Con event, which will run throughout the Centre including activities within the new InShopz throughout the day.

Jade Wilkie, marketing manager at The Forge, said: “We’re thrilled to be relaunching InShopz this summer! It’s been on quite the journey since its original launch in 1989, so it’s brilliant that we’re able to take it back to its wonderful foundations.

“In 2007, InShopz was rebranded to Market Village but, unfortunately, in 2022, it went into liquidation. This put livelihoods at risk, and it meant we lost a huge part of something that made The Forge so unique.

“We know we speak for hundreds of others when we say that the return of InShopz will be fantastic for both the community and the local economy. Bring it on!”

InShopz is home to a vast range of businesses, from beauty and boutiques to fancy dress and furniture.

Laura Jamieson, owner of Beauty By Laura, said: “The liquidation of InShopz/Market Village was undoubtedly a horrendous time for all those affected, but we’re looking forward to reclaiming our old spot and using it to resurrect our businesses now that the storm has passed.

“Returning to our old spot symbolises strength, determination, and the will to bounce back from adversity. The unwavering support from my clients played a crucial role in ensuring the continuity and success of my business.               We’re excited for this next chapter!”

When Market Village went into liquidation, The Forge worked hard to minimise disruption for the affected businesses.

The team ensured all individual unit holders got their entire stock back, and even tried to find other areas within the centre that people could continue trading from.

Geoff Paterson, owner of Jens Haby & Fancy Dress, said: “Very quickly The Forge took our side. They also moved fast to try and relocate as many of the unit holders to wherever they could within the centre.

“I got a small space up beside Primark that kept me trading and, more importantly, communicating with my customers whom I rely on to stay in business.

“So now is the time to look forward and return to the exciting place we once were, where you can buy a fancy dress costume in one place and walk round the corner and get your ears pierced. Variety has always been our biggest selling point.”

The relaunch of InShopz coincides with the BGCP (Big Glasgow Comic Page) Comic Con event, so Saturday August 12 promises to be a memorable day.

Find out more about The Forge by visiting forgeshopping.com

By rheron