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The Little Car Company launches Series B funding as it expands production and workforce following surging global demand


Jan 26, 2023
  • The Little Car Company has commenced its Series B funding round as it scales up to meet unprecedented demand
  • Momentum rapidly accelerating as demand surges for limited-edition hand built electric scale cars
  • All-new 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, adjacent to headquarters in Bicester, purchased to help fulfil significant customer orders
  • Continued external investment and worldwide demand has allowed The Little Car Company to grow its workforce exponentially
  • Having made over 200 cars, The Little Car Company are making excellent progress towards their 2023 plans, which includes the launch of the Tamiya Wild One MAX and an unannounced model
  • The Little Car Company welcomes all interested investors to join the business on the journey as it enters its next exciting chapter of growth
  • For more information on The Little Car Company, please visit: https://thelittlecar.co/

01 December 2022, Bicester Heritage, UK: The Little Car Company, manufacturers of limited-edition hand built electric scaled cars, have today launched their Series B funding round, following a rapid expansion of their business to meet surging global demand for their vehicles.

Since launching in March 2019, the Bicester-based luxury brand has experienced ever-increasing momentum, producing over 200 exceptional and authentic scale electric cars in partnership with renowned car manufacturers such as Bugatti, Ferrari and Aston Martin. Honouring the most coveted classic vehicles in automotive history, each car is lovingly hand built at the company’s Oxfordshire headquarters, using approximately 95% British sourced components.

Responding to unprecedented international demand for their scaled electric cars, The Little Car Company has scaled up its business, with the recent acquisition of a neighbouring manufacturing facility to treble production capacity, alongside dramatically expanding the workforce. The Series B funding will allow them to grow even further, both in personnel and manufacturing space.

Increased manufacturing output
With clients in over 50 countries and over 90% of their cars being delivered internationally, appetite for The Little Car Company’s products is at an all-time high. Currently, the luxury brand’s main 10,000 sq ft headquarters allows for a maximum weekly output of up to five cars, but with the recent addition of an adjacent 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility – at their Bicester Heritage site – allows The Little Car Company to treble that number in the next twelve months. Much of that increase will be as a result of next year’s launch and start-of-production of the Tamiya Wild One MAX alongside a yet-unannounced project.

Growth in workforce
Since establishing as a business three years ago, The Little Car Company has doubled its team year-on-year and currently employs 60 people, including highly experienced automotive engineers from the likes of McLaren, Williams, Jaguar Land Rover, Ariel, Radical, Aston Martin, Ginetta and Lotus.

To help maximise and fulfil The Little Car Company’s ever increasing order book, the Oxfordshire company plans to increase this rate of growth to keep up with demand in 2023.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, said: “Since starting The Little Car Company in 2019, we have seen tremendous growth over a short period of time, despite COVID-19 and industry-wide supply chain difficulties. Surging global demand and our investment so far is enabling the rapid expansion of both our production capabilities and workforce and, as we open our Series B funding round, we welcome all interested investors to join us on our amazing journey. We’ve got some incredibly exciting projects coming up, with as yet unannounced partners, which we can’t wait to share. The Little Car Company is in an exciting position, and we are really going to surprise the automotive world in 2023 and beyond.

For any enquiries relating to the Series B funding, interested parties should contact The Little Car Company via their website: https://thelittlecar.co/contact/   

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