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UK Citizens Want Properties in Nottingham Above all English Cities, New Study Shows


Sep 28, 2023 #UK Citizens

A recent study reveals Nottingham as the most popular area for ‘properties for sale’ searches across the entire UK, and also ranks for cottage and family-sized property searches.

Researchers at UK conveyancing solicitors, Bird & Co, wanted to investigate the types of properties people in the UK were most interested in to get a better sense of the market over the past year. The findings uncovered Nottingham’s growing prominence in the real estate market, capturing the attention of property seekers from all corners of the country.

The study analysed the average monthly search volumes for search terms like “properties for sale [location]”. This showed the most popular cities people in the UK were interested in overall.

The top 10 areas that ranked, and their associated search volumes, were:

  1. Nottingham, 1,800
  2. London, 1,500
  3. Bristol, 1,000
  4. Manchester, 800
  5. Norwich, 800
  6. Plymouth, 800
  7. Leeds, 700
  8. Leicester, 700
  9. Liverpool, 700
  10. Sheffield, 700

At the opposite end of the scale, with the lowest average searches, were areas such as Southend, Ripon and Stoke.

Nottingham also featured within the top 10 for property searches including for apartments, cottages, and family-sized properties. It scooped the 5th spot for apartment searches, under London and Manchester, at 850 searches. Nottingham also came 5th place for 3-bed property searches and 10th place for 5-bed. Finally, and most surprisingly, it also came in at 6th place for cottage searches, with 200 average monthly searches.

Daniel Chard, Partner at Bird & Co, said, “Our study helps us to understand which types of properties are most popular within cities. This knowledge can help individuals and families find homes that align with their lifestyle and needs. What’s more, it can also be useful to property developers looking to target areas of greatest interest.

“As the results suggest, Nottingham is a hive of activity for a whole range of demographics, including professionals and adults looking for city apartments, as well as potential families and property investors looking for bigger properties in the city. With an average house price of £256,411, Nottingham is one of the most affordable areas to buy, which could explain the popularity.”

For more information on this study please visit Bird & Co’s website. If you’re ready to make the move and need help with your conveyancing needs, give us a call on 01476 372 045, or start a quote.

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