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What are the best monuments to visit in Edinburgh


Aug 22, 2023 #Edinburgh

List of the Best Monuments to Visit in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture. As you explore this iconic city, you will come across numerous monuments that serve as a testament to its past. These monuments are not only visually striking but also offer valuable insights into Edinburgh’s cultural heritage. Here, we have compiled a list of the best monuments to visit in Edinburgh, ensuring an unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts and sightseers alike.

1. Edinburgh Castle

Perched atop Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle dominates the city’s skyline and is a must-visit monument. This ancient fortress has witnessed countless Scottish battles and served as a royal residence. Explore its grand halls, chapels, and dungeons to immerse yourself in Scottish history. Be sure to catch the firing of the One O’Clock Gun, a daily tradition dating back to 1861, which resonates throughout the city.

2. Scott Monument

A prominent landmark dedicated to the famous Scottish author Sir Walter Scott, the Scott Monument is an imposing Gothic structure located in Princes Street Gardens. This intricate monument stands tall at over 200 feet, offering stunning panoramic views of the city from its highest gallery. Inside, you can explore a museum showcasing intriguing artifacts related to Sir Walter Scott’s life and works. Don’t forget to climb the narrow spiral staircase for a unique perspective of Edinburgh.

3. National Monument of Scotland

Inspired by the iconic Parthenon in Athens, the National Monument of Scotland sits atop Calton Hill. Although it remains unfinished, this majestic monument is an essential part of Edinburgh’s skyline. Initially intended to honor Scottish soldiers who fought in the Napoleonic Wars, it now serves as a memorial to all Scottish soldiers and veterans. Take a leisurely stroll up Calton Hill to appreciate the breathtaking views and enjoy a picnic amidst the tranquil surroundings.

4. The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is a historic and vibrant street that stretches between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Along this mile-long road, you will encounter several notable monuments, including St Giles’ Cathedral, John Knox House, and the Heart of Midlothian. Each of these landmarks offers a glimpse into different periods of Edinburgh’s past, from religious history to influential figures who shaped the city’s development. Exploring the Royal Mile is like embarking on a captivating journey through time.

5. Nelson Monument

Situated atop Calton Hill, the Nelson Monument commemorates Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. This striking structure features a towering column with a time ball on top, which drops at precisely 1 pm each day. Climbing the monument’s narrow staircase grants you a bird’s-eye view of Edinburgh’s skyline from its balcony. On a clear day, you can even witness the rolling hills and coastline in the distance.

6. Greyfriars Bobby Statue

The heartwarming tale of Greyfriars Bobby, a faithful Skye Terrier, comes to life in the Greyfriars Kirkyard. This statue depicts the loyal dog who spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave. Today, the Greyfriars Bobby Statue serves as a popular attraction and a symbol of loyalty. Visit this monument and learn about the touching story that has left an indelible mark on Edinburgh’s history.

These are just a few of the many remarkable monuments that Edinburgh has to offer. Each one tells a unique story and adds to the charm and character of this captivating city. Exploring these monuments will not only provide a deeper understanding of Edinburgh’s past but also leave you in awe of the historical and architectural wonders that grace its streets and skyline.

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