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What is the movie Ad Astra about?


May 17, 2023 #Ad Astra

The movie Ad Astra, which means “to the stars” in Latin, is a science-fiction drama that deals with themes related to human nature, isolation, and the unknown. The movie, released in 2019, is directed by James Gray and stars Brad Pitt in the lead role, with Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, and Liv Tyler in supporting roles. Ad Astra is a visually stunning film that takes the audience on a journey through the depths of space while examining the profound human emotions that come with exploration and discovery.

The story of Ad Astra revolves around Roy McBride, a highly-skilled astronaut, who is sent on a top-secret mission to uncover the truth about his father’s disappearance while searching for extraterrestrial life on Neptune. His father, Clifford McBride, was once a renowned astronaut who led the Lima Project, a mission to find intelligent life beyond our solar system. However, the Lima Project disappeared 16 years ago, and all contact with Clifford and his crew was lost. Now, strange and deadly electromagnetic waves are threatening our planet, and Roy is sent on a mission to find his father and prevent the wave’s source from destroying our planet.

The film’s exploration of space is not merely factual, but it is also emotional and psychological. Roy, who is portrayed as stoic, detached, and emotionally remote, struggles to cope with his father’s disappearance and his own internal demons. He is haunted by the memory of his father, who he idolizes but also resents for abandoning him and his mother. Roy’s journey brings him face-to-face with the harsh realities of space, where the vast emptiness of the cosmos can be both terrifying and breathtaking. In space, Roy confronts the loneliness and isolation that come with extended space travel, as he embarks on a journey that ultimately leads to the discovery of the unimaginable and the truth about his father.

The visual effects in Ad Astra are nothing short of breathtaking, as the audience is taken on a journey through the vast expanses of space. The beauty and the eeriness of space are perfectly captured in the film’s stunning visuals. The cinematography, which is dominated by moody and muted tones, helps to establish the film’s overall tone of emotional distance and detachment. The use of sound is sparingly but effectively, with long stretches of the film being almost silent, adding to the sense of isolation and emptiness that Roy is experiencing.

In conclusion, Ad Astra is a thought-provoking, visually stunning film that explores themes of human nature, isolation, and the unknown. The film’s protagonist, Roy, is a complex character who is struggling to cope with his own demons while also trying to uncover the mysteries of the universe. Through Roy’s journey, the film asks the audience to reflect on the nature of exploration and discovery, and the profound emotional and psychological effects it can have on those who undertake it. Ad Astra is a must-see for anyone who is interested in science-fiction, space exploration, and the exploration of the human psyche.

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