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Where To Take Your Parents When They Come To Visit You at University


Nov 20, 2023 #University

Leaving your nest to go to university and study your favourite subject is an exciting prospect. And while your parents will be delighted for you as well, there is no hiding that they are bound to miss your infectious presence inside the house.

41% of mums and dads across the UK admit feeling worried and anxious about their kids heading off to uni. So, whether they are concerned about your mental wellbeing or financial situation, they might decide to plan a trip or two to check out your university city and ensure you’re well.

But where should you take them when they come to visit you? Yes, you may have some personal go-to spots for fun night-outs with friends, but they may not suit a family get-together.

Abodus Student Living, expert in providing homely student accommodation, has listed a number of restaurants and bars in the university cities of Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol, and Liverpool that would be perfect to take your parents to.


Leeds city centre is rich in venues, pubs, and restaurants to tickle even the fussiest taste buds. If you are venturing out of your student flat in Leeds to take your parents for a nice meal or drink, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice.

Aaron Kirkwood, Interim Head of Sales & Marketing at Abodus Student Living, said: “We all know that the nightlife in Leeds is fun and adventurous. But if you are looking for something a bit more parent-friendly, you won’t have a hard time picking a more wholesome location.

“If you are just out for a few drinks and the weather hasn’t turned grey and wet yet, Roland’s laid-back courtyard and summer terrace certainly won’t disappoint. Some say it has the best cocktails and alcohol-free drinks in town!

“Or if you want to impress your mum and dad with a quirkier venue, The Maven might do the trick. With its 1920s décor and gramophone light shades, it’s a little gem that your parents will talk about at every family gathering.”

If you fancy a bite instead, Leeds offers a wide range of international cuisines. So, no matter what floats your parents’ boat, you can treat them to Italian, Japanese, or Thai meals alike.

For example, Fazenda’s skewered meat can bring some Brazilian spice to their stay. Or if they prefer a restaurant that offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options too, the French-inspired Kendells Bistro will delight them with a slice of Paris, right in the heart of Leeds city centre.


From the iconic St James’ Park to the peaceful Jesmond Dene, Newcastle is home to some splendid sights. But after a full day of exploring, where can you take your hungry (and thirsty) parents?

Newcastle’s food scene is second to none and comes with plenty of attractive locales for all budgets. If you are happy to spend a tad more for fresh, quality dishes, Dobson & Parnell is a trendy eatery with appetising taster menus and picture-perfect plates. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Newcastle’s Quayside, perfect for an after-meal stroll along the river Tyne.

But if you are planning a metro ride to the coast, stop in Tynemouth and pop down to Riley’s Fish Stack. Located on the beach and with stunning views of the North Sea and Tynemouth Castle, this acclaimed fish stack is perfect for sampling fishermen’s most recent local catch.

It is also common knowledge that Newcastle has one of – if not the – most vibrant nightlife in the country. If you’re after an authentic experience that’s not too disco-driven, you may want to invite your parents to The Strawberry, the spiritual home of Newcastle United fans.

Or, if they have a soft spot for ales and lagers, they might like to sample a few refreshing beers at BrewDog, where locals praise both the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff.


If your parents are good cooks and you’re worried they might put their critics’ hat on, play it safe and book a table at Coronation Curry House.

This homely Indian dinery is listed as TripAdvisor’s number-one restaurant in Bristol, with countless five-star reviews and brilliant comments. Most customers say it’s the ‘best curry spot in Bristol’ and that ‘the food is delicious’, so it will no doubt satisfy your mum and dad’s palates.

However, if you would rather indulge in a scrumptious Sunday lunch, there’s a place called Chris and Jo’s Kitchen just round the corner from Bristol University. With it being so close to campus, you might know and love it already! It is a fine, affordable restaurant for family catch-ups over hearty portions of beef and Yorkshire Pudding.

As for pubs and bars, Bristol isn’t short of options either. If your parents enjoy a bit of music to accompany their ales and cocktails, Be At One is an upbeat locale that offers a memorable, happy bar experience.

And if you want to surprise them with something more theatrical, the Bar at Bristol Old Vic is a show-stopping venue where you can sip gin & tonic before a performance.


Let’s be honest – you will never go hungry in Liverpool! With so many yummy restaurants to choose from, you will find the perfect match for your parents’ rumbling stomachs in no time.

Have your family come over for your birthday away from home? Greek Taverna on Bold Street is a welcoming restaurant that’s ‘great for special occasions’, where you can unite smiles, laughter, and tasty Mediterranean food.

But if you’re walking along Liverpool’s Albert Dock, you can hop aboard The Floating Grace and share special moments as you cruise around the old docks. It’s certainly a unique experience that you are unlikely to do with your university pals – so why not dine there with your fam instead?

And for drinks, you can stop at The Smugglers Cove and take in its atmospheric, pirate-like bar. As you might have guessed, this locale specialises in rum, with over 150 varieties to sail through on the menu.

For something a tad more contemporary, don’t overlook Leaf. As well as being a cool bar serving moreish smoked gins, this venue hosts vintage markets and art exhibitions, too. This means you can all mooch around this bohemian space with a quenching drink in your hand!