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Ylands‘ New Update is the Gift That Keeps on Giving


Jan 6, 2023 #Gaming, #Ylands

Bohemia Interactive is thrilled to announce the release today of Ylands update 1.11 – Crafty Crafts. The update will introduce loot tables, new monsters, and an overhaul of the crafting menu, as well as a new gifting system and a brand new UI dedicated to buying and selling Blueprints. Update 1.11 is available now on Steam, the MS Store, the App Store, and Google Play. 

New Look, New Loot

Crafty Crafts offers Ylanders a convenient new way to buy, sell, and browse through Blueprints. The Blueprint saving process has also been optimized, so you won’t have to wait as long for items to be captured. A brand new gifting system is available as well, which allows players to send pets, costumes, emotes and more. Meanwhile, the crafting menu is now faster and more intuitive. In short, Ylands’ UI has had a makeover, and looks better than ever before.  

And what’s an adventure without a bit of randomness? One of the new features of update 1.11 is the offering of loot in random encounters, which will come in the form of rewards and incentives, as well as various enhanced weapons which are native to every region. There are also new monsters to look out for, a special new pet that’s only available during the holiday season, a handy new toolbox to help players generate objects with ease, and a major upgrade in visual scripting, which has made the creation process a more streamlined experience. 

“Personally, I am really excited about the new loot mechanics,” says Ylands Project Lead Aleš Ulm. “What you get from slain monsters is now more randomized and rewarding, and once again pushes the game a bit closer towards the RPG genre.”

Features list:
– New UI dedicated to browsing, buying, selling, and gifting Blueprints
– Optimized Blueprint saving process
– New gifting system to send emotes, costumes, pets, and Blueprints to friends
– Overhaul of the crafting menu
– Randomized loot in most random encounters and all enemy encounters
– New monsters, including pangolins, Golems, and the ghosts of fallen sailors
– A brand new pet to spend the holidays with
– A toolbox to generate objects, create selections, modify terrain and more
– New visuals in visual scripting

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