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Your Baby’s First Christmas Checklist


Dec 15, 2022
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While your baby might not actually remember their first Christmas, it’s a very special moment for you as a family. Igniting the Christmas spirit from the get-go means you can keep the excitement going year after year.

Your first Christmas with your newborn will be unlike any other, so you need to prepare well for it. Decorations, clothing, and a medley Christmas dinner will all contribute to your merry time. They will also make for great pictures and videos that perfectly capture the moment.

UK baby brand, Nuby, has prepared a list of everything you’ll need for your baby’s first Christmas.

Have a family Christmas photoshoot

We all know that the Christmas mood sets in well in advance. Amidst the street decorations, Christmas songs, and themed store displays, take the opportunity to capture the jolly spirit with a photo shoot.

Shopping centres and photo studios offer ample opportunities to take a few snaps against a backdrop of the classic red, white, and green colour palette. Dress the whole family for the occasion, preferably with matching or themed sets. For example, you and your partner can be dressed as Santa Claus and his wife, while your precious one can be dressed as a little elf.

Are you ready to play dress-up in Santa Claus’ factory of happy memories? After the fun, take home with you the cherished photos and frame them, add them to your baby’s first Christmas photo album, and share them on social media. Imagine the sparkle in your child’s eyes when they flick through the album pages once they’re older and cherishing how cute they looked in their little elf costume!

Baby-proof your decorations

The little ones are easily attracted to shiny and colourful objects and would curiously explore them with their hands and mouth. What’s more flashy than Christmas decorations?

For a stress-free Christmas, make sure that your ornaments are baby-friendly. Ensure that the Christmas tree is far from reach and ideally opt for an artificial one, as pines from a real one can easily end up in your baby’s vicinity and harm them. Glass ornaments should also be kept out of reach from your baby.

Make your baby’s first Christmas ornament

Many parents choose to purchase or make an ornament for their child every year. As the child grows, they can get involved in the creation process, and once they’re grown up, they can take the ornaments with them and keep the memories forever.

If you decide to follow this tradition, your baby’s first Christmas ornament is very important. You can print your baby’s name or photo on it and apply some DIY magic. To make it extra special, you can even purchase a transparent bauble and fill it with your baby’s sock or bib, for example.

Plan your baby’s Christmas attire

Planning the photoshoot outfits is one thing and choosing your baby’s Christmas Day attire is another. What’s true about both, however, is that you need to do that in advance.

Whether you’re buying a pre-made outfit or having a custom one sewn, remember that during this busy time of the year, options tend to run out quickly, and seamstresses get booked in an instant.

You want to get the outfit ordered at least eight weeks before Christmas. Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are packed-full of adorable baby outfits, and you can also support your local stores.

Get help with the Christmas dinner

Hosting a Christmas dinner with a newborn can be a bit overwhelming. Juggling between taking care of your child, shopping, and actually preparing dinner is quite a task. Plus, you have to think about not only the adults’ dinner but also your baby’s Christmas meal. That’s why it’s best to plan and get the help you need.

Make a shopping list and send your partner or a family member to do the shopping for you. Make sure your baby has their place at the table, even if they can’t enjoy the festive food. Place their bottles on the table, give them a Christmas napkin, and decorate their highchair.

You can also ask other family members to bring in appetisers, so you’re doing as little cooking as possible.

Make a baby’s Christmas gifts list

Babies tend to get a huge amount of presents because everyone is excited to have these little angels in their lives.

Nevertheless, they could end up having too many gifts, some of which can even repeat. To avoid that and ensure that your baby is getting things they need, make a baby’s Christmas presents list and send it to your friends and family. Think of it as a baby shower registry but for Christmas.

Consider what newborn essentials your baby needs or what items might be useful in a few months or a year from now on. This is your chance to supply your baby with the essentials required for the future to avoid spending lots.

Your baby’s first Christmas is one of the most unforgettable moments of your life, so you need to make sure it’s free from stress and undesired events. Planning will help you get organised, so you are carefree and joyful during Christmas day, creating long-lasting memories with your lovely family.