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ZEEKR 001 FR – Redefining performance, delivering on promises


Oct 3, 2023
  • Hyper performance in an EV with seating for five
  • Enhanced 800V electrical system 
  • Quad silicon carbide e-motors deliver ultra-performance
  • 1,265 BHP, 0-100km/h in 2.07 seconds in a rolling start scenario

2023 September 1st, Ningbo – When the ZEEKR brand and the first model, the 001, was unveiled in April 2021 ZEEKR promised to say “goodbye to dull EVs”.

Today, ZEEKR is proud to deliver on that promise, again, with the reveal of the ZEEKR 001 FR, a production ready, 1,265 brake horsepower electric shooting brake. 

For those that really want to electrify their driving experience, the ZEEKR 001 FR offers the best possible balance of luxury, comfort and ultra-performance. 

The ZEEKR 001 FR is based on the best-selling ZEEKR 001 pure electric shooting brake which is currently available in dual and single motor configuration but has been redefined with the ZEEKR FR sports pack. 

The ZEEKR 001 FR has a unique exterior and interior design with a strong focus on weight reduction. The ZEEKR 001 FR has heavily utilized lightweight carbon fiber components that improve aerodynamic performance and add downforce for increased performance.

Thanks to the distributed quad e-drive design and ZEEKR’s in-house software and hardware technologies, the ZEEKR 001 FR utilizes torque vectoring technologies that pushes maximum power to each wheel and can adjust power to each wheel in milliseconds for a true performance experience. It can also do tank turns. 

Deliveries of the new ZEEKR 001 FR will start in October 2023 with production limited to 99 cars each month. Each user will be given personalized training sessions to become accustomed to driving high performance vehicles. 

The ZEEKR 001 FR is the first production vehicle to carry a satellite communications pack built into the vehicle, allowing for total communications in the most remote spots effectively eliminating cellular network blackspots whilst on road trips. 

Battery power for the ZEEKR 001 FR comes from a 100kWh CATL Qilin battery pack that is already used elsewhere in the ZEEKR product portfolio. ZEEKR 001 FR’s e-powertrain system supports ultra-fast charging with ZEEKR’s in-house 800V technologies, as such the ZEEKR 001 FR is able to charge 10 to 80% in just 15 minutes. 

ZEEKR’s energy network will introduce 450 new ultra-fast high energy charging stations across China this year and introduce a new V3 charging pile with a maximum output of 800kW and maximum output voltage of 1000V with maximum output current of 800A. ZEEKR’s short term goal is to expand the network to 1,000 ultra-fast charging stations in 2024. 

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