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Indie Asylum’s First Aslyum Direct Reveals Impressive Line-Up of Indie Games Coming in 2023 and Beyond


Apr 21, 2023

Video game collective Indie Asylum’s first Asylum Direct blended world exclusive reveals with lively comedic skits, new studio announcements and an eclectic line-up of indie games set to wow.  

Included in the Asylum Direct were highly anticipated favourites metroidvania BIOMORPH, and Forward: Escape the Fold which was announced to be releasing on mobile. Viewers were also treated to new game teasers from B Df’rent Games, who revealed their first title based on the Charlie Chaplin IP, and BadRez Games who showed a first look at their new ‘chessboxing’ game. 

Unreliable Narrators showcased their first game Two Falls, a narrative exploration game told from the views of a First Nations person and a French colonizer Fille du Roy, in 17th-century Canada. Roots of Yggdrasil from ManaVoid Entertainment announced its Kickstarter launch and invited players to try out the game demo on Steam. Finally, the Indie Asylum showed off Chasing Rats Games upcoming title Worship, and This Bed We Made from Lowbirth Games, highlighting the games with comedic-themed skits to accompany the exciting fresh gameplay. 

Full details on the entire Asylum Direct line-up are below:

Studio: Chasing Rats Games
Platforms: PC and Consoles   
Release Date: 2024                                            

Worship is an open-world, cult-inspired take on the roguelike genre with an engaging multiplayer aspect. Players become a cult leader in the grim universe of Worship, serving their chosen god by recruiting other villagers and participating in powerful rituals. Expect strategic combat, puzzle-solving, and world-building, as well as endless exploration and mysteries to discover in this gritty dark adventure.  

You can find all relevant assets and trailers for Worship here

This Bed We Made  
Studio: Lowbirth Games
Platforms: PC and consoles 
Release Date: 2023 

This Bed We Made is a neo-noir mystery game in which players take on the role of a maid in a 1950s hotel seeking to uncover a sinister mystery that binds the guests. Players can interact with objects in 360°, form intimate bonds with hotel employees and guests and uncover the outcome of the story. 

You can find all relevant assets and trailers for This Bed We Made here.  

Broken Edge  
Platforms: Meta Quest 2, Steam VR 
Release Date: Out Now 

Trébuchet showed off Broken Edge, a VR multiplayer duelling game where players embody historical swordfighters. Set in a dream-like, surreal setting, fighters must use their unique powers combined with cutting-edge fencing mechanics to claim victory against online opponents.  

You can find all relevant assets and trailers for Broken Edge here.  

Roots of Yggdrasil  
Studio: ManaVoid Entertainment
Platforms: PC 
Release Date: 2024 

Roots of Yggdrasil is a narrative roguelike city-building game set after Ragnarök. The World Tree Yggdrasil is dying and must be nurtured back to life to break the cycle and restore the Nine Realms to their former glory. Take charge of the handful of Vikings who survived Ragnarök, lead expeditions, build settlements, and explore remnants of Midgard all while gathering resources to save the clan from oblivion as protagonist Sunna. 

 You can find all relevant assets and trailers for Roots of Yggdrasil here.  

FORWARD: Escape the Fold  
Studio: Tiny Two Dice  
Platforms: Steam, Mobile 
Release Date: Out Now 

In roguelike dungeon crawler FORWARD: Escape the Fold, players face a relentless crawl through card-based dungeons in which they must collect items to power abilities and battle gruesome monsters. Starting today FORWARD: Escape the Fold is now available as a bite-sized mobile game too, making it Indie Asylum’s first self-published title on both Steam and Mobile. 

You can find all relevant assets and trailers for FORWARD: Escape The Fold here

Studio: Lucid Dreams Studio  
Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch 
Release Date: Late 2023 

BIOMORPH is a dark and mysterious soulslike metroidvania title set in a sprawling cityscape. Explore the desolate underbelly of Blightmoor, solve puzzles, fight deadly monsters and use their own powers to defeat them. Through exploration, players can level up their abilities and collect mementos and blueprints while uncovering the city’s secrets.  

You can find all relevant assets and trailers for BIOMORPH here.  

Two Falls  
Studio: Unreliable Narrators 
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5  
Release Date: Fall 2023 

Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) is a narrative-driven game intertwining the two tales of French Fille du Roy Jeanne, and Innu native Maikan driven west by a strange sickness affecting his people. Set in the beautiful 17th-century Canadian wilderness and shaped by a soundtrack created by indigenous musicians, Two Falls is an unmissable gaming experience.  

You can find all relevant assets and trailers for Two Falls here.   

Keep up to date with BadRez Games ‘chessboxing’ title on the Indie Asylum Discord here.  

You can keep up to date with B Df’rent Games and their upcoming Charlie Chaplin game on the Indie Asylum Discord here

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