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International Friendlies Roundup: June 2024


Jun 10, 2024

As national teams around the globe gear up for major tournaments, the recent spate of international friendlies provided a platform for fine-tuning tactics and gauging squad readiness. Here’s a look at some of the notable matches and their outcomes:

England’s Mixed Fortunes

England showcased their prowess with a commanding 3-0 victory over Bosnia-Herzegovina. The team displayed a well-rounded performance, dominating possession and converting their chances effectively. However, their momentum was halted by a surprising 0-1 defeat to Iceland, where defensive lapses and a lack of clinical finishing were evident​ (worldfootball.net)​​ (Soccer24)​.

Germany: A Tale of Two Matches

Germany’s fixtures included a goalless draw against Ukraine, highlighting their struggles in breaking down well-organized defenses. They bounced back with a 2-1 win over Greece, thanks to a resilient second-half performance that saw them overturn a halftime deficit​ (worldfootball.net)​​ (TNT Sports)​.

Portugal’s Offensive Firepower

Portugal impressed with a 4-2 triumph over Finland, underlining their attacking capabilities. The match featured standout performances from their forwards, who capitalized on defensive errors by the Finnish team to secure a comprehensive victory​ (worldfootball.net)​.

France’s Commanding Win

France recorded a convincing 3-0 win against Luxembourg. Their dominance was evident from the start, with a strong midfield display that controlled the tempo and provided ample opportunities for their attackers to score​ (worldfootball.net)​.

Spain’s Dominance

Spain demonstrated their superiority with a 5-0 thrashing of Andorra. The Spanish team’s fluid attacking play and solid defense ensured a comfortable victory, showcasing their potential ahead of upcoming competitions​ (worldfootball.net)​.

Croatia and Belgium: Steady Performances

Croatia and Belgium both enjoyed straightforward wins, with Croatia beating North Macedonia 3-0 and Belgium securing a 2-0 victory over Montenegro. These matches highlighted the tactical discipline and depth in both squads​ (Flashscore)​​ (worldfootball.net)​.

Italy’s Defensive Stalwart

Italy’s encounter with Turkey ended in a 0-0 draw, a match characterized by strong defensive performances from both sides. Despite the lack of goals, the game provided valuable insights into Italy’s defensive solidity and areas needing improvement in their attacking play​ (worldfootball.net)​.

Scotland’s Solid Outing

Scotland’s international break featured a 2-0 win against Gibraltar and a 2-2 draw with Finland. The Scottish team showed resilience and adaptability, particularly in their ability to respond to Finland’s challenge in the latter match​ (Flashscore)​​ (Soccer24)​.

Netherlands’ Convincing Win

The Netherlands capped off their friendlies with a dominant 4-0 victory over Canada. Their performance was marked by a strong defensive line and efficient counter-attacks, setting a positive tone for their future engagements​ (Flashscore)​.


These international friendlies provided a crucial opportunity for teams to test formations, integrate new players, and build chemistry. While some teams confirmed their status as favorites for upcoming tournaments, others identified key areas for improvement. As the summer progresses, these matches will undoubtedly influence tactical decisions and squad selections for national teams worldwide.

For detailed match statistics and additional insights, refer to Eurosport, Flashscore, WorldFootball.net, and TNT Sports.

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