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The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) at Oulton Park: A Weekend of High-Octane Action

This weekend, June 22-23, the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) returns to Oulton Park, promising a thrilling spectacle for motorsport enthusiasts. Known for its rich history and intense competition, the BTCC remains one of the UK’s premier racing series, showcasing a diverse range of vehicles and top-tier driving talent.

A Historic Venue: Oulton Park

Oulton Park, located in Cheshire, is a circuit steeped in history and revered among racing fans. Its challenging layout, featuring a mix of fast straights, tight corners, and elevation changes, makes it a favorite among drivers and spectators alike. The natural amphitheater setting provides excellent viewing points, allowing fans to witness the action up close as drivers navigate the track’s intricate demands.

What to Expect This Weekend

The BTCC weekend at Oulton Park will feature multiple races, each promising high-speed drama and wheel-to-wheel battles. Here’s a preview of what fans can expect:

  1. Race Format: The weekend will include three BTCC races, with qualifying sessions determining the grid positions. Each race offers crucial points that could impact the championship standings, adding to the intensity.

  2. Diverse Grid: The BTCC is renowned for its diverse grid, featuring a variety of car manufacturers and models. From Honda Civics and BMW 3 Series to Ford Focuses and Toyota Corollas, the range of vehicles adds an extra layer of excitement as different cars excel on different parts of the circuit.

  3. Top Drivers: The championship boasts a lineup of talented drivers, including seasoned veterans and rising stars. Watch out for names like Ash Sutton, Colin Turkington, and Tom Ingram, who are all expected to be in contention for victories.

  4. Support Races: In addition to the main BTCC races, the weekend will also feature a series of support races, including the Ginetta Junior Championship, Porsche Carrera Cup, and the MINI Challenge. These races provide a platform for emerging talent and often deliver their own share of thrilling moments.

Hospitality and Fan Experience

Oulton Park offers a comprehensive hospitality package, ensuring that fans can enjoy the races in comfort and style. The Motor Racing Hospitality options include premium seating, gourmet catering, and exclusive access to certain areas of the circuit. This ensures that spectators not only witness the action but do so with a level of luxury and convenience that enhances the overall experience.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, the paddock area will be accessible, allowing fans to get a behind-the-scenes look at the teams and drivers preparing for the races. Autograph sessions, merchandise stalls, and food vendors will also be available, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere throughout the weekend.

The Importance of Oulton Park in the BTCC Calendar

Oulton Park is a crucial stop in the BTCC calendar, often serving as a turning point in the championship race. Its challenging nature tests the drivers’ skills to the fullest, and success here can be a significant boost to their title aspirations. The circuit’s layout is conducive to close racing, ensuring that every lap is packed with action and strategic battles.


The BTCC weekend at Oulton Park promises to be a highlight of the motorsport calendar. With a combination of thrilling races, a picturesque and challenging circuit, and a rich history of competitive racing, fans are set for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a die-hard BTCC follower or a casual motorsport fan, the action on June 22-23 is not to be missed. Prepare for a weekend of speed, skill, and spectacle as the BTCC takes on Oulton Park.

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