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Where Should Manuel Lanzini Apply his trade next season?


Jul 3, 2023 #Manuel Lanzini

Where Should Manuel Lanzini Apply his trade next season?

Manuel Lanzini, the talented Argentine midfielder, has recently been linked with a potential move away from his current club, West Ham United. With his contract set to expire at the end of the season, speculation is rife about where he should apply his trade next. Lanzini has been an integral part of West Ham’s squad since joining in 2015, but with the club’s inconsistency in recent years and his desire for a new challenge, it could be time for him to seek greener pastures.

One potential destination for Lanzini could be the Italian Serie A. Known for its tactical prowess and technical style, the Serie A could suit Lanzini’s playing style perfectly. Italian clubs such as AC Milan, Juventus, and AS Roma have been known to appreciate creative midfielders that thrive on their vision and technical ability. Lanzini’s agility, dribbling skills, and long-range shooting could be a great asset to any of these teams. AC Milan, in particular, would benefit from Lanzini’s ability to create scoring opportunities for their strikers while also contributing goals himself.

Another option for Lanzini could be a move to Spain, where the top La Liga clubs are always in need of midfield maestros. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid are all examples of clubs that could benefit from Lanzini’s skill set. With his ability to operate in tight spaces, maintain possession, and unlock defences with his incisive passing, Lanzini could thrive in the Spanish league. Atletico Madrid, in particular, play a style of football that emphasizes defensive solidity and quick attacking transitions, which would suit Lanzini’s strengths. His creativity and ability to link midfield with attack could make him a valuable addition to Diego Simeone’s side.

However, Lanzini may also consider a move to the English Premier League, where he has already established himself and is familiar with the playing style. Clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Leicester City could be potential suitors for the Argentine. Arsenal, under the management of Mikel Arteta, play a possession-based style of football that values technical ability in midfield. Lanzini’s vision and passing range could make him an ideal candidate to control the tempo of play for the Gunners. At Tottenham Hotspur, Lanzini’s ability to link up with their dynamic attacking players such as Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min could be a mouthwatering prospect for the fans. Leicester City, known for their fast-paced counter-attacking style, could also benefit from Lanzini’s quick thinking and ability to create chances on the break.

Ultimately, the decision on where Manuel Lanzini should apply his trade next season will depend on several factors. The midfielder will need to consider the style of play at potential clubs, the competitiveness of the league, as well as the prospects of winning trophies and competing in European competitions. Furthermore, personal factors such as proximity to his family and the allure of a new challenge will play a role.

Wherever Lanzini decides to go, one thing is clear – he possesses the talent and skill to make a significant impact in any league. Whether he chooses to stay within the English Premier League, move to Italy’s Serie A, or venture into La Liga in Spain, Lanzini is sure to attract significant interest from top clubs around the world. His ability to unlock defences, create goal-scoring opportunities, and contribute goals himself make him an exciting prospect for any team looking to bolster their midfield. It will be fascinating to see where Lanzini ends up, and how he will write the next chapter in his footballing career.

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