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Brake’s Kids Walk 2024: Promoting Road Safety and Community Awareness


Jun 14, 2024

Brake, the road safety charity, is gearing up for its annual Kids Walk event, scheduled to take place on June 19, 2024. This initiative is a part of Brake’s ongoing efforts to promote road safety, raise awareness about the dangers on our roads, and encourage healthier, safer journeys for children.

A Day of Action and Education

Brake’s Kids Walk is more than just a walk; it’s a day dedicated to educating children, parents, and communities about road safety. Schools and nurseries across the UK will participate, bringing together thousands of children, teachers, and parents to walk a short, supervised route in their local area. The event aims to highlight the importance of safe walking environments for children, emphasizing the need for improved road safety measures around schools and residential areas.

Themes and Activities

Each year, the Kids Walk focuses on specific themes related to road safety. In 2024, the event will emphasize the following key themes:

  1. Speed Reduction: Highlighting the dangers of speeding, Brake will advocate for reduced speed limits in areas frequented by children.

  2. Safe Crossings: Promoting the installation and proper use of pedestrian crossings to ensure children can safely navigate busy roads.

  3. Driver Awareness: Encouraging drivers to be more vigilant, especially in areas with high pedestrian activity, and to adhere to road safety rules.

Schools will engage in various educational activities leading up to the walk. These include interactive lessons, creative projects such as poster-making, and practical demonstrations on road safety practices. Brake provides resources and toolkits to help schools prepare for the event, ensuring that the messages of safety and responsibility are effectively communicated.

Community Involvement

Brake’s Kids Walk also serves as a platform to foster community involvement. Local councils, businesses, and law enforcement agencies are encouraged to support the event, either through sponsorship, participation, or by providing safety equipment such as high-visibility vests for the children. The collaborative effort helps to create a safer environment and instills a sense of community responsibility.

The Impact of Brake’s Kids Walk

The impact of Brake’s Kids Walk extends beyond the event itself. By participating in the walk, children learn valuable road safety skills and become more aware of their surroundings. Parents and guardians, on the other hand, gain insights into the importance of advocating for safer roads and are encouraged to support initiatives that promote road safety.

Moreover, the event serves as a powerful reminder to policymakers about the urgent need for safer road infrastructure. The collective voice of thousands of participants can drive significant changes, such as the implementation of lower speed limits and the construction of safer pedestrian crossings.

How to Get Involved

Participation in Brake’s Kids Walk is straightforward. Schools and nurseries can register online through Brake’s official website, where they can access free resources to help plan and promote their walk. Parents and community members are encouraged to support their local schools by volunteering or participating in the walk.


Brake’s Kids Walk 2024 promises to be a significant event in the campaign for road safety. By bringing together children, educators, parents, and the wider community, Brake aims to create safer, healthier environments for our youngest pedestrians. This annual event not only educates but also inspires action towards a future where road safety is a priority for all. Join Brake on June 19, 2024, and be a part of the change that ensures our roads are safer for everyone.

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