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Cannes film festival. Why is it so important?


Jun 5, 2023 #Cannes

Cannes Film Festival: Why is it So Important?

The Cannes Film Festival is, without question, one of the most renowned and iconic events in the film industry. Every May, the French resort town on the French Riviera is taken over by some of the world’s finest filmmakers, actors, and film enthusiasts, as they gather together to showcase and celebrate the latest and greatest movies and documentaries. With its illustrious history, unmatched atmosphere, and prestige, the Cannes Film Festival has become a benchmark for the international film industry, and a coveted platform for new films making their debut. But what makes Cannes so important? Why does it continue to hold such significance for filmmakers, actors, and movie-lovers alike? In this article, we explore the answers.

The History of Cannes Film Festival

The inaugural Cannes Film Festival was held in 1946, only a year after the end of World War II, and was a radical endeavour at the time. France, and indeed much of Europe, was still recovering from the devastation of the war, yet the organizers were determined to showcase the diversity of cinema and the creative capacity of filmmakers from all over the world. The festival was designed to be a glamorous event that would inspire cinema-goers and honour the best films from around the globe. Today, the festival pays homage to those ideals of inclusivity, creativity, and inspiration, and has become synonymous with both artistic excellence and commercial clout.

The Importance of Cannes Film Festival

There are many reasons why the Cannes Film Festival has become so important in the film industry. Firstly, Cannes offers a world-class showcase for the best films and filmmakers from around the world. Every year, the festival attracts thousands of entries from all corners of the globe, and only the most exceptional and innovative get selected. This rigorous selection process means that every film that makes it into the official selection has already passed the essential test of quality and originality, with those that get selected as one of the Palme d’Or nominees cementing their status as some of the best and brightest new films on the scene.

In addition, Cannes offers a unique opportunity for filmmakers to network, meet industry professionals, and secure distribution and funding deals. The festival acts as a magnet for film buyers, distributors, and production companies, who come to Cannes to find the best new films and rising talent. Cannes organizers also dedicate resources to helping first-time filmmakers get noticed, offering specific initiatives like the Cinéfondation and L’Atelier programs, which provide support to emerging filmmakers and foster new talent.

Perhaps the most significant factor in the importance of Cannes is the recognition and status it confers on winning films and filmmakers. The coveted Palme d’Or award is one of the most prestigious and sought-after accolades in the film world, and to win it means instant critical acclaim and commercial success. Winning a prize at Cannes almost guarantees a film’s release and high-profile festival appearances around the world, enabling filmmakers to build a reputation and gain recognition on a global scale.

The Future of Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival has come a long way since its inaugural event in 1946, and it has continued to evolve and adapt to changing times. One of the most significant changes happened in 2018 when the festival amended its rules to allow streaming platforms like Netflix to compete for prizes, alongside traditional film companies. This move reflected the changing dynamics of the film industry, where streaming sites and online platforms have become key players in the game.

Despite the challenges facing the film industry, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Cannes has remained a symbol of resilience and creativity. The festival’s 2019 edition attracted almost 40,000 visitors, and it continues to serve as a beacon of quality and originality in the film world. With a new generation of filmmakers emerging and new formats being experimented with, Cannes is poised to continue as a vital and dynamic part of the film industry, inspiring new talent and showcasing the best of what the art form has to offer.


The Cannes Film Festival is an unparalleled event that has shaped the course of the film industry for over seven decades. It provides a vital showcase for new films and emerging talent, an opportunity for filmmakers to make connections and secure deals, and a platform for honoring artistic excellence and creativity. While the festival may have evolved and adapted to changing times, its core values of inclusivity, excellence, and inspiration continue to endure. For all those who love the magic of the movies, Cannes will always hold a special place at the heart of the film industry.

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