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top 5 hidden restaurants in Teesside?


Nov 7, 2023 #Restaurant, #Teesside

Top 5 Hidden Restaurants in Teesside

Teesside, located in the northeast of England, is widely known for its industrial heritage and stunning landscapes. However, it is also a hidden gem when it comes to its culinary scene. With a variety of hidden restaurants, Teesside offers food enthusiasts a chance to discover unique dining experiences away from the usual tourist hotspots. Here are five hidden restaurants in Teesside that are definitely worth a visit:

1. The Curing House

Unassumingly tucked away in a corner of Middlesbrough, The Curing House offers a truly exceptional dining experience. Specializing in cured meats and charcuterie, this hidden gem is perfect for meat lovers. With a cozy and intimate setting, the restaurant provides an ambiance that is both warm and inviting.

The Curing House sources their meats from local suppliers and takes pride in offering a range of exquisite cuts. From the classic Spanish-style serrano ham to their own creations, such as the gin and juniper salmon, the menu is a testament to their dedication to quality ingredients and expert preparation techniques.

2. The Waiting Room

Nestled within an old railway station in Eaglescliffe, The Waiting Room is a unique restaurant that combines history with contemporary dining. The restaurant’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their menu, which focuses on locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.

With an ever-changing menu based on the availability of fresh produce, every visit to The Waiting Room is a unique experience. From delectable seafood dishes to innovative vegetarian options, their menu offers something for everyone. The nostalgic charm of dining in a converted railway station only adds to the restaurant’s allure.

3. Cacau Brazilian Patisserie

If you have a sweet tooth, Cacau Brazilian Patisserie in Stockton-on-Tees is a hidden gem you need to discover. This small patisserie offers a mouthwatering array of Brazilian pastries and desserts that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Brazil.

From traditional brigadeiros and beijinhos to indulgent cakes and tarts, Cacau Brazilian Patisserie showcases the rich flavors and creativity of Brazilian cuisine. With friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere, this hidden gem is the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet cravings.

4. The Tontine

Located in the picturesque village of Staindrop, The Tontine is an exquisite gastropub that serves up delicious dishes in a charming and historic setting. Dating back to the 17th century, the building itself is a sight to behold with its traditional architecture and cozy interior.

The menu at The Tontine features a range of British classics elevated to new heights. From succulent steaks to locally-sourced seafood, the dishes are expertly prepared and beautifully presented. With a selection of real ales and an extensive wine list, The Tontine offers the perfect dining experience for those seeking a taste of history.

5. The Taphouse & Kitchen

Situated in Darlington, The Taphouse & Kitchen is a hidden gem that offers an impressive selection of craft beers and a menu featuring innovative twists on classic dishes. With a laid-back and friendly atmosphere, this gastropub is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy good food and drink.

The Taphouse & Kitchen prides itself on its commitment to using local produce, with many of their ingredients sourced from nearby farms and suppliers. From their signature burgers to creative vegetarian options, their menu offers plenty of choice for all palates. With a rotating selection of craft beers on tap, this hidden gem is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts.

Next time you find yourself in Teesside, venture off the beaten path and discover these hidden restaurants that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. From cozy and intimate settings to unique dining experiences in historic locations, Teesside offers a wealth of culinary delights waiting to be explored.

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